Raising kids (how to raise happy,respectful and calm kids)


Tips for mothers on Raising kids 

As a mother myself,Raising kids in general is not easy. It involves a lot of time and effort ,not to mention keeping them calm and happy. I have had people give me complements saying “how lucky I am to have very calm and happy children “. And I don’t do anything special.I am sharing in this blog post what I call the basics and keeping it simple, when it comes to raising kids


Every woman loves her children,there is no question about that. The same way you look into your husband’s eyes and say I love you to him, you should do the same with your kids. Let them feel how happy you are to have them around. For that gives them a peace of mind and calms them down.

A childRoutines: 

In simple words routines are sequence of actions followed regularly. I can not stress on this enough if you are a mother. Developing a routine for your kids, makes them calm because they know what to expect as the day progresses. The saying a child on a routine is a happy child speaks for it self and a happy child equals less stress for mommy. Form simple daily routines that works for both you and your kids.

Attention :

Honestly children do not need their parents attention 24/7 and 100% of the time. During the cause of the day,they play,take naps and do what ever activities you have on their routine. so when they do need your attention,you should put them first. Limit the destruction (Ignore that phone call and attend to your child,you can always call back later).


Feeding your kids real meals is very important. For example if you feed a child chocolate,muffins,chips,cookies etc. for lunch,it will only make them hyperactive and the total opposite of calm. Limit giving your kids take outs and try feeding them home-made foods,for what kids eat has a big impact on their brain and entire body.

Being Polite:

As we all know,kids learn how to interact with others by observing how their parents do it. So if you want to raise polite children as a mother,try adding the words thank you,please,welcome to your vocabulary. Also learn to treat people with respect,whether they are your class or not.

The scripture :

What ever it is that you want to do on this earth, can all be possible. You only need to carry out the word of God in your children’s life. Try introducing your kids to the word of God, by simply reading at least a paragraph in the bible to them now and then. That is if you are a very busy person,your kids will learn good morals and values which will shape them up as they grow.

I hope this post helps you and I wish you all the best with raising your kids. If you have any ideas on this topic I will like to hear them,for am always open to learning more.

2 thoughts on “Raising kids (how to raise happy,respectful and calm kids)”

  1. You are Soo right, love the topic!! Parenting has it’s different ways and kids are all not the same, the social life of a child is the most important part, children changes very fast…..
    My son is completely different compared to yours, he is 10, laud, extremely active and must always be busy…. people do ask me how I cope with it… I was exactly like him when I was young Soo I’m not experiencing my past 😂😂….
    Our Sunday church is always a must go, he knows the word of God and the Bible, I raised him with Christian ways ,we pray a lot and he is use to it be bed and whenever he wakes up, first thing is to come over to me, greet and pray together…. it’s not easy though as a parent and mum of two but it’s my duties to teach him the way even if he will learn something from outside I still keep it strong and stick to him for him not to get confused with home raising and outside terms !!
    We should not forget that all children are not the same and parenting is a wonderful thing in life to experience 😊
    Great blog

    1. Abi thus true. thanks for your contribution on the topic. And lets not forget, the bigger they get the less control we have over them. Lol.

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