Make Fresh homemade baby juice using a blender

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Fresh homemade baby juice is cheap and very easy to make. From 6 months, natural juices can be introduced to a baby, that being said, some mother’s may start when their baby turns one.

My daughter did not show any interest in juice until she was 1 year, while my son is the opposite. At 8 months, I gave him his first taste of store-bought baby carrot juice and he could not stop licking his lips. Because of how he loved it, I decided to only give him fresh homemade baby juice, that I make myself. That way I can make sure all my ingredients are natural without added sugar.

These two juices are by far his favorite and I want to share the recipe with you.

Ingredients :

Multivitamin Juice

Carrot (2)

Pineapple (half (½) )

Orange (1)

Water (2 cups) (470 ml)

Grape juice

Red Grapes (2 cups) ( 300 grams)

Water (1 cup) (235 ml)

Procedure :
Multivitamin juice

Wash and cut carrot, pineapple and orange into small sizes. In a blender combine all and add 2 cups of water. With the blender on low-speed, blend for 2 minutes. Increase the speed to high, blend 2–3 minutes, then pass the juice through a strainer/sieve.

Red Grape juice

In this recipe, I used red grapes, but you could use green also. Following the same procedure, wash grapes and combine 2 cups of grapes to one cup of water. Blend 1–2 minutes and pass through a strainer/sieve. Give your baby a drink and let him/her enjoy the fresh natural taste of homemade made fruits and vegetable juice. The juice can be refrigerated for no longer than 3 days, I use these Easy to fill and Clean Reusable Food Pouch to store my juice. After 3 days, dispose and make a fresh one.

Note that you can add more water to cut the sweetness of the juice if you prefer. As parents, let us not forget that the little effort we put into our children’s food, does make a big difference in their health in general.

I hope you find this post helpful, please leave comments and suggestions below to help me write better contents.

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