Easy Desert (A quick no baking involve Manner cake recipe)

An Easy Desert using Manner Wafer

As much as I enjoy baking, just like most people, I sometimes like to make those quick and easy dessert recipes as well. Using one of Austria’s world known Confectionery (sweet) product, which is Manner wafer, I made this non bake cake-like desert that turned out to be pretty good, so I decided to share the recipe.

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Fresh Homemade Pesto Recipe

My Pesto Recipe

 A few years ago, I purchased my first jar of pesto to help me get a rough idea on how its suppose to taste. To my surprise, I could hardly even taste the main ingredient, which is Basil. It was kind of embarrassing to think that some People/Companies will put anything on a shelf to sell to other people, just to make money. In this post, I share my recipe, with my secret ingredient that takes your normal pesto, to a whole new level.

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Homemade baby teething cookies

My Natural Flavored Teething cookies

Every baby experiences teething differently. Some babies experience little to no symptoms, while others suffer excruciating pain. For those babies who suffer from pain due to the inflammation of tender gum tissue, they show their pain through whining and crying.

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Chicken Potato Goulash

Potato goulash, one out of many dishes in Austria is a one pot dish. My chicken potato goulash is inspired by the Austrian potato goulash, which is made using sausages ( wurst in Deutsch). I used chicken in this recipe mainly because I find it more healthy, but you can replace the chicken with mushrooms if you are a vegetarian .

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Make Fresh homemade baby juice using a blender

Fresh homemade baby juice is cheap and very easy to make. From 6 months, natural juices can be introduced to a baby, that being said, some mother’s may start when their baby turns one.

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How to make flavorful Homemade Chicken Stock the Right Way

Chicken stock, one of my go to stocks to always have. It is very versatile because of its rich, yet soft flavor. A good chicken stock has good body, rich, full flavor, clarity and may have a light yellow color.

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