Best Homemade Mash Potato Recipe

mashed potato recipe

My Mash Potato Recipe

The first time I had mashed potatoes, my husband made them and I just couldn’t stop eating. Since then I have become a big mashed potato lover and when I make it, am always finding ways to make it taste even better .

Making mashed potato is pretty simple. Most People make mashed potatoes the normal way, which is first boiling the potato in water and then continuing from there but I like to do it different . Over years of making this dish, I find this mashed potato recipe, gives me the best result and all it takes is a little effort, so without talking too much, let’s get started;


3 Big Russet Potatoes (1 lb) (450 g)

½ Cup Butter (100 g)

1 ½ Cup Full Milk (375 ml)

2 Tablespoons Spring onion (optional)

½ teaspoon Nutmeg

Salt/Pepper to taste



Pre–heat Oven to 200°c (400°f)

Bake Potatoes for an hour and allow to cool for 10—15 minutes. Cut potatoes in half and using a spoon, scoop out all the flesh into a bowl . When done, get a medium size pot and using a Potato Ricer, rice all the potatoes.

In a small pot, heat up the milk and butter, then add the spring onions. With the riced potato on a low heat, pour about 1 cup of the milk and butter mix on, using a wooden spoon, stir well,  add the remaining half cup and continue stirring until it’s well mixed. Add more milk if you prefer a less thicker mashed potato.

Add salt, pepper and nutmeg and mix as well. Now with the heat turned off, use a hand mixer or wire whisk, mix the mashed potatoes very well. This makes your mashed potato very fluffy , so the more you whisk, the more fluffy it gets. I did mine for 10 minutes and it came out great.

Serve mashed potato hot with grilled fish and some sweetcorn, baked chicken goes really well with mashed potatoes too or simply serve it with some minced meat sauce (my kids love this one). Hope you give this recipe a try, enjoy it as much as my family and I do and don’t forget to leave comments if you like it.

mashed potato recipe

If you find the normal mash potato to have too much fat and want a more healthy choice,check my Sweet Potato Purée Recipe, Equally delicious but with less fat.

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