How to make an Easy Red Velvet Cake Recipe (Perfect for Valentines day)

Red Velvet Cake Recipe

The red velvet cake, get its name from the vibrant red color added to the cake batter. This cake has a soft moist crumbs, with a delicious thick cream cheese frosting that will definitely get you addicted.

This cake is commonly served on Christmas, Valentines day and since my husband love it so much, I turn to make it on his birthday as well.

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How to make healthy homemade pizza

Homemade pizza made easy

Am in my 30’s and have not yet come across any one that doesn’t like, or better said love pizza. Homemade pizza, a few years ago, if someone had told me that making pizza was very, and I mean very, very easy, I would have said , don’t mess with me.

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How to make Apple Strudel from Scratch (A famous Austrian Dessert)

Easy to make Homemade Apple Strudel from Scratch

 Whether you live in Austria,or have visited the German-speaking Country, then you sure know that Austria, is known for its beautiful architecture and some really good dessert such as the Apple Strudel.

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Last Minute Christmas Cookie Recipe

An Easy, Yet Delicious Last Minute Christmas Cookie Recipe

Knowing very well that most of us have a few Christmas cookie recipes in our back pockets, I think that you can never have enough, when it comes to good recipes.

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Basic And Healthy Homemade Fried Rice Recipe

Best Homemade Fried Rice

Fried Rice is one of those foods that no matter how satisfy I am , I just can’t turn down. A mix of few vegetables, boiled rice and some eggs, this easy to make meal, will impress anyone.

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Sweet Potato Puree Recipe

My quick Sweet Potato Puree

A few weeks ago, while checking out off a grocery store, the checkout woman saw some sweet potatoes that I had bought. She then said while scanning, she had never had sweet potatoes in her life and don’t even know how to prepare them.” Can you actually believe that”

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Pumpkin Bread Recipe

              My Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Weather you have a go to quick bread recipe or not, this pumpkin bread recipe is a must have in our recipe book. Not only does it make your entire house smell great, It has a rich pumpkin flavor from the pumpkin purée, light weight and fluffy crumbs and taste absolutely divine . If you have not already, check out my homemade Pumpkin Purée recipe.

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Best Homemade Mash Potato Recipe

My Mash Potato Recipe

The first time I had mashed potatoes, my husband made them and I just couldn’t stop eating. Since then I have become a big mashed potato lover and when I make it, am always finding ways to make it taste even better .

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