Should you have Another Child?(Deciding on having Another Child)

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Adding another member to your family

The question should you have another child? is one that some couples may find easy to answer and others not. Deciding on having another child, be it your second,third,fourth or fifth means one more life will be joining your family which is supposed to be a wonderful thing but you should also be physically,mentally and spiritually  ready for all that comes with it.

I remember last summer when I found out I was pregnant,having always spoken with my husband about having a sibling for our then 6 years old daughter it sure took me by surprise and I was totally confused and didn’t know how to accept the new reality. I started asking myself questions like

  • will my daughter be ok in life as an only child
  • will I ever be able to forgive myself if I don’t have this baby

why did I have to get pregnant now that am like in the best shape of my life and the list kept going on and on.

I was very hard on myself,had sleepless nights, cried to my husband several days (God bless him for putting up with me during those confusing days) and I was just all over the place didn’t know how to come to terms with the fact that I was pregnant and didn’t plan to be. After weeks of struggling with my emotion I finally decided to keep the pregnancy. During my first trimester ,I started experiencing sharp pains in my right leg and that led to varicose veins.Knowing very well that it could have been worse 9 months after having my adorable son,am still dealing with self-esteem issues and hope to resolve that in the near future.

It hasn’t been easy but considering the doubt I had,I can proudly say today as I write this post I made the best decision. Seeing how my daughter‘s face lights up when she sees her brother is worth everything . I hope this post helps you some how and my answer to the blog post question is “yes you should have that one child


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