How to Keep a Clean and Organized Home

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Simple steps to help you keep your home clean and organized

As a mother of 2 children (7 years old and a 10 months old baby), i am far from being perfect when it comes to a Clean and Organized Home but i do try my best and I hope this blog post helps you as well. Lets dive right in:

Step#1                                                                                                                 Have a place for everything:                                                                        Having a place for every single thing in your household will make your life  so much easier, when it comes to cleaning and staying organized. This mean example, have A basket or bin for dirty laundry and put them in there and not on the floor or places they don’t belong. If you have children like i do,have bins or baskets for all their toys (IKEA is a great place to get cheap bins and baskets).

Step#2                                                                                                                               Tidy up at night before going to bed :                                                                        I know there are some days where you feel like you’ve done more than enough and don’t have the energy in you to lift a finger, but pushing through that feeling pays of big time when you get up the next morning. Doing simple things like putting your dishes away,placing items where they belong,arranging your sofa pillows nicely, doing a quick wipe of the floor or sweeping if you have to.Doing these won’t only make your home look put together when you wake up the next day but it also makes your day go smoother and you feel a peace within you (it may sound strange but thus how I feel).

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Step#3                                                                                                               Plan your day and try to stick to it:                                                                                   Having a daily plan and sticking with it can be difficult sometimes because of the unexpected that daily life sometimes throw at us. But it’s better to do little during the day and give it your best than to have a long list of things to do in your head and not really carry out any. 

Arranged children books   

Step#4                                                                                                                 Create daily chores for your children :                                                                 If you have children,it’s great to include them in your daily cleaning and organizing routine. Create a very simple daily chore sheet for each child (from 3 years upwards ).It can contain easy chores like picking up their toys and their little siblings, wiping off the centre table,make their bed (depending on their age)etc. By implementing these,you begin teaching your child how to be responsible at an early age as well as keeping them busy.



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  1. Thanks girlfriend have been doing this since we talked about it and it works perfectly, good to share good knowledge with others. Thanks for the good work😋 Vesta.

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