Easy Desert (A quick no baking involve Manner cake recipe)

easy desert with manner waffle

An Easy Desert using Manner Wafer

As much as I enjoy baking, just like most people, I sometimes like to make those quick and easy dessert recipes as well. Using one of Austria’s world known Confectionery (sweet) product, which is Manner wafer, I made this non bake cake-like desert that turned out to be pretty good, so I decided to share the recipe.

Manner is a range of special kind of biscuits,originally from Austria. The factory is in Vienna and they are best known for their Neapolitan wafers. These are filled with hazelnut cream and are sold in blocks of 10. Almost every Tourist that comes to Austria, will leave with a few packs of these bad boys in their luggage.

Since you now know where my inspiration came from, let me walk you through my easy desert that am calling manner cake, using Manner waffles. You will need:

Manner cake ingredient


 Manner waffle (comes in 4 layers) (190 g)

Raspberries (125 g) (4 oz)

Powdered sugar (28 g) (2 Tablespoons)

Cocoa powder (28 g) (2 Tablespoons)

                                       Wipe cream (600 ml) (20 oz) (2½ cups)


About 15 minutes before hand, chill a big enough bowl in a refrigerate. Using a whisk or a hand mixer, I used a food processor, beat wipe cream and sugar until it reaches soft peeks.

wiped cream

Start assembling the cake, place one layer of manner waffle and spread a generous amount of  wiped cream on it. Dust with a bit of cocoa powder and lay another layer of waffle on top. Repeat the process  until all 4 layers of waffles have been used.

assembling cake

Cover the entire cake with the remaining wiped cream, throw on some raspberries and lightly dust with some cocoa powder to finish off. Let the cake sit for about 10 minutes for all the waffles to get nice and moist, but if you are a non patient person like I am, then 5 minutes will do. Enjoy this simple bake cake with a cup of tea or coffee.

Note that you kind substitute cocoa powder with shredded coconut, which I think will taste great also.

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  1. It’s looks delicious and tasty 😋
    I love creamy cakes 🎂
    I will definitely try it out
    Thanks for the blog post 😉🤗

  2. Looks delicious will try my hands on over the weekend. The thing is I don’t know where I’ll get the Manner wafer from but I guess can use any other wafer for this …. right ?

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