Breastfeeding for Mother and Child(How to increase milk supply)



Breastfeeding, also known as Nursing is the feeding of babies from a mother’s breast. There are many benefits in breast milk that infant formula lacks. But in today’s world, breastfeeding is not a must and children generally grow up normal when bottle fed.

I have heard stories of women, not having enough breast milk to enable them to feed their infant. Not only is it sad, but I also ask myself how is that possible. With out sounding like a Physiologist,Alveoli,which are milk producing cells, are present in every woman’s breast.

Breastfeeding,nursing,mother,babyThe Alveoli take proteins,sugars and fat from a woman’s blood supply and make breast milk. This is why what you eat while breastfeeding is very important.I believe lack of support or knowledge is the reason behind limited milk supply.

As a mother myself,I strongly believe in breastfeeding and its benefits for both mother and child. As a second time mother,my full-scale milk production began 72 hours after my baby’s delivery. On average it takes 48–96 hours.

I breastfed my now 7 years old for 18 months and I am now nursing a 10 month old. My milk supply has always been abundant and I give credit to the foods I eat and how often I nurse.

I nurse not less than eight times a day.As the stimulation of the nerves help produce more milk in the breast. When nursing,anything soup should be your best friend,especially cream soups. Thick and creamy soups such as potato and leak,carrot and ginger,pumpkin,zucchini,tomato,mushroom cream soup etc.

For breakfast,I highly recommend oatmeal and drinking water each time after nursing your baby. Another secret I have is drinking hot chocolate before going to bed. This really increase my milk supply and enable my baby to feed well  all through the night.

Benefits of breastfeeding:

For the mother,blood loss following delivery is less. Better Uterus shrinkage, less postpartum depression. Helps delay the return of menstruation,which can serve as a natural family planning. Because breastfeeding requires an average of 500 calories a day, it helps with pregnancy weight loss.

For your baby,this natural milk,will decrease the risk of food allergy. limit the risk of obesity in adulthood. May also improve Cognitive development, which is the ability to think and understand .

Breastfeeding is something that I think every woman who carries a baby in the womb for nine months should practice as long as they are healthy. For it serves as a great beginning gift for your baby and there is an incredible bonding that takes place between mother and child.

5 thoughts on “Breastfeeding for Mother and Child(How to increase milk supply)”

  1. I’m a big do strongly believe and support in breastfeeding
    As a mother of two children, I breastfeed my first son fully without any food including till 6 good months and after 6 months I still continue to breastfeed including selfmade food, it’s beneficial for me and my family and besides it’s very healthy to breastfeed…. I loved to breastfeed my children anytime and I was happy breastfeeding , sometimes in public whenever I needed to but of course cover my breast 😉 , it’s was very easy to feed my children outside, I never had any stress ( getting bottle 🍼 ready or warming up food 🥘)
    After birth, I had to stay days longer at the hospital to donate breastmilk for other babies whose mothers couldn’t had the opportunity to breastfeed .
    My beasts were Soo full to the extent that I had to pump out and give to the hospital for 6 months long because they’re too much….
    Breastfeeding is one of the biggest natural gifts from God to connect mother and Child together with the beautiful nature, the love is priceless !!
    I hope all mothers will support in breastfeeding and find love through it….
    All the best
    Hugs 🤗

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