Be Organized and Move Steps Closer to Achieving Your Goals

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Organized doesn’t just mean tidy. Beginning of this year, I was on the phone with an old friend, having a talk. I remember asking about her big Goals for the Year. She quickly responded saying “I never meet any,so why bother making one”. The chances of achieving any Goals in life is zero when one is not Organized.

No one likes staying disorganized. So if you are struggling with organization and find yourself disorganized, as a result you’re feeling lost and frustrated, then now is the time to wake up and get organized.

Just like healing oneself from the inside out, to meet organization outside, you first must do something inside. This will prevent the stress of not knowing what and when things need to be done. An example is to simply start by knowing what things matter to you the most, deciding on how you want your living space to look like. Knowing your needs and wants (goals). When and how to get task or projects done, these will be the steps to guide you along the way.

Organizing your life does not happen over night. Just like everything good in life, you need dedication and effort, but when you make it a habit, life becomes more enjoyable and much easier.

Note that it takes a week to form a habit, so start now and make some new changes in your life.

 Have a Calendar

Get yourself a calendar and put it in a place where you see it every day. Make it a habit to refer to it every day, mark events,tasks and project to help keep track and carry out your activities. I have always loved writing   special things that happen in my life down, but this year, I took it to the max and started jotting down my goals for the day, weeks and months and my goodness does it differ! A calendar can remind you to get things done.

PlannerMake a week or day plan lay out:

Some people think you need to have a very busy life to get into planing, but that is far from the truth. Every human has things that needs or have to be done. This is where your calendar comes in handy, write what needs to be done and when. Although jotting thing down may sound old fashion, in today’s world, do what ever works best for you. A smart phone can be used as well.

Write things down and make to do lists :

Even if you have a very good memory, it is always best to write things down. Make long-term and short-term to do list, prepare for the next day, write everything and anything you need to remember such as appointments, birthdays,shopping list and refer to them when necessary. When making your daily list, make you tackle at most 5 items. Anything more than 5 will be too much and setting yourself up for failure. Out of the 5 items, pick out the 3 most important must be done items and deal with those first.

 Challenge your inner strength and capacity :

Find out what you can do by setting or making a to do list for your life. As a religious person, I have always believed in words like “if God permits”, destiny and things happening at the right time. The truth is though, that right time is now. Every day you have on this earth, is a chance for you to better your destiny, and remember that nothing good will come to you ,if you just sit and do nothing. Actions need to be taken to see results.

Reward yourself at the end of each day, by checking or crossing out To Do lists. This makes you feel proud of yourself, giving you the edge and confidence to want more.

Lastly, set up a good morning and evening routine. This will make you stay discipline, which will show on your organization.



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  1. Thanks Vesta for such a blog, it’s not easy always to note 📝 down the weekly plans, but this year is also one of the year I want to do a lot around me with organization, it’s won’t be easy but I’ve to be strict on my plans. I rewarded myself for the first steps I made Soo far concerning organizing and can’t wait for the up coming ones….. I’m proud of the steps I made !!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog post 👌🏾

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