Best carrot loaf (An easy quick bread)

Carrot loaf with cream cheese

For the past few years,homemade quick breads have been a breakfast staple in my household . At the moment, we are loving this delicious easy to make carrot loaf. The mix of carrot,spices and cream cheese,works great together and makes me really excited to share the recipe with you all.

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Breastfeeding for Mother and Child(How to increase milk supply)


Breastfeeding, also known as Nursing is the feeding of babies from a mother’s breast. There are many benefits in breast milk that infant formula lacks. But in today’s world, breastfeeding is not a must and children generally grow up normal when bottle fed.

I have heard stories of women, not having enough breast milk to enable them to feed their infant. Not only is it sad, but I also ask myself how is that possible. With out sounding like a Physiologist,Alveoli,which are milk producing cells, are present in every woman’s breast.

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Raising kids (how to raise happy,respectful and calm kids)

Tips for mothers on Raising kids 

As a mother myself,Raising kids in general is not easy. It involves a lot of time and effort ,not to mention keeping them calm and happy. I have had people give me complements saying “how lucky I am to have very calm and happy children “. And I don’t do anything special.I am sharing in this blog post what I call the basics and keeping it simple, when it comes to raising kids

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Easy Chickpeas Salad (easy yet delicious chickpea salad)

My easy yet delicious chickpeas Salad

Personally I have never been a big fan of legumes,but my husband and daughter love them. For this reason I have had to put my own little twist to some classic legume recipes like this easy chickpeas salad,that both myself and my family enjoys.

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How to Keep a Clean and Organized Home

Simple steps to help you keep your home clean and organized

As a mother of 2 children (7 years old and a 10 months old baby), i am far from being perfect when it comes to a Clean and Organized Home but i do try my best and I hope this blog post helps you as well. Lets dive right in:

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